Test Bataille… 

Test Bataille…

“I am created from your rib while we play that I shoot you”.  Life / Reality:  I am created from it, and – being there – I play that I create it.

I hereby sentence the for life to … an imaginary prison from which there is no other escape than through reality. Commenting on Bataille, I soon found myself following the patterns of whatever ‘my thoughts’ are, and revealing to me nothing that I did not know already, namely that the highest knowledge is to know that you know nothing.
But within this limitation, (my) thoughts are as free as the idiot who is telling the story of my life. That is why I hate philosophers. They speak, but know not what they speak of, which is what they say. (At least I do). Nevertheless, I started to say… things that I categorized afterwards in 4 pointless points.

1. The term ‘inner experience’ assumes there is an outer experience as well. But the so called inner experience he talks about is the experience in which outer and inner cease to exist.

2. ‘Dogmatic presuppositions have provided experience with undue limits: he who already knows cannot go beyond a known horizon.’

That raises 2 questions for me:

A What is knowledge, if the one who knows cannot go beyond it? It seems that the knowledge you can speak of is – because of the language – imprisoned by this language into something that is taken out of its ‘continuity’. Therefor all words lie, the very same way that photography and film lie about the reality they seem to reveal.
B, The term ‘horizon’ implicates that one cannot go beyond it. (That is what words always do! Ainsi, c’est pourquoi they always end up seeming (almost) a pleonasme. That is the space / time condition of the mind which Kant refers to, and, which also is the very reason why I doubt not only any so called ‘outer experience’, but also the ‘inner experience’. The term ‘experience’ is a simplification of who you are. You just assume yourself to be this or / and that. You identify yourself within the limitations of a space / time mind.

3. When you are tortured in order to tell the truth, then you feel – because of this torture – the truth of being tortured: a physical / mental uneasiness you would never put yourself in. And this force upon you makes you aware of your human condition: to know nothing but the truth. This awareness goes not beyond the horizon, it only makes you feel a specific space / time condition.

4. Light has just the very little amount of matter, which is necessary to escape from the dark, and too little matter to be experienced as the same matter that it reveals. Like ‘time’ is necessary to reveal space in which light and matter occur. Light does not reveal a thing. It only changes reality into what we see. And so am I, shooting pictures. Actually… I realize now… I shoot pictures (film) in the very same way that you lay the method, the rules, the manifesto, over the so called reality in order to break out of it. The 2 ‘methods’ seem to exclude each other, but only because of ‘us’ who are imprisoned by ourselves. So far so bad.


Theo Jennissen

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